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August 11 2017


so i work at a retirement home and one of the residents heard me saying “mood” all the time and she asked what it meant and now she won’t stop saying it

another resident fell over and she was just like “mood”

August 02 2017

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August 01 2017

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What you missed on 7x03 of Game of Thrones:

July 31 2017

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July 26 2017

Local Girl Discovers That Wasting Money Won't Save Her From Midnight Depression

July 25 2017


our meat brains have absolutely no idea how to even begin to picture numbers as big as a billion (now think about how many people have multiple of these & how many people are struggling to put food on the table, if they even have a table)

Anyway, eat the rich

July 24 2017

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1.03 | 7.02 (requested by valacirca)


me watching littlecreeper get choked the fuck out by my boy jon snow

What you missed on 7x02 of Game of Thrones:

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Azriel, our one and only Shadowsinger.

Az needed his own big portrait (and own tattoo design). I hope the result was worth the wait. 

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underwater vampire lairs for your everyday sunlight-sensitive needs

July 18 2017

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#Brienne is 100% ready to put a sword in her hand and make Lyanna her protégé

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July 17 2017

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