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May 30 2017



got an interview tomorrow

I just got hired, reblog this to manifest the job u want into reality

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales today and I have some thoughts (complaints) below the cut 

obviously spoiler warning

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Complaint 1: Will is all barnacley and also is weirdly afraid of his crew on The Dutchman (which last I checked included his own father) Is Will suddenly not doing the job and ferrying souls so he (and his crew) have started to turn fishy cause that’s literally the only reason his skin wouldn’t be baby smooth. We saw everybody miraculously look perfectly human and free of all fish and ocean attributes when Will became the captain of The Dutchman in the 3rd movie, wtf happened??

Complaint 2: Jack’s compass has been passed between so many hands, some of Jack’s own free will, so the big bad of this movie should have been freed ages ago if that’s all that was holding him captive in the triangle

Complaint 3: More of a minor complaint but I feel like they should have used makeup/special effects to age Elizabeth at the end. Like they made Jack look a few decades younger in a flashback, surely they could have made it so that Elizabeth did not look the exact same age as her son (there’s only a 5 year age gap between the actors, it just looks silly)

May 29 2017

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Celebrity mood in the tiger rug!
Rugs and the body are the same size! !
So I tried to put!

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May 22 2017

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May 21 2017

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May 20 2017

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May 19 2017

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May 18 2017

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May 17 2017

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Jinba (centaurs) in medieval armor and kimono, seen on Sumiyoshi0201 (artist also has a tumblr under username  @kaikigadou)

Ryo Sumiyoshi has been inspired by The Tales of the Heike for the characters shown here. Look at those sweets Yoshitsune + Shizuka Gozen:

I really like artist’s studies:

The artist is @imugarou

They also have a few centaur manga available for sale (we got them, they’re AMAZING)

May 16 2017


you: cat got your tongue

me, an intellectual: pussy got your thrussy

May 14 2017

May 13 2017

A tradition



In peacetime, the ruler grows their hair long. In war, they cut it short.

A ruler with long hair is held in great esteem, for defending the peace.

The traditional declaration of war is for the ruler to send their cut-off hair to the enemy ruler. The statement carries greater weight the longer the hair: to receive long hair says that you have angered one who is slow to anger, that you have incurred a wrath not easily woken.

Violent war-mongering leader frantically and aggressively tries to shave just a LITTLE hair off the top of their head into an envelope.

A faraway king receives a heavy wooden crate filled with a coil of the longest hair he has ever seen.

A despised ruler finds hundreds of pounds of cut-off ponytails at her castle entrance, each one belonging to her own people. 

A young emperor refuses to cut their hair and insists on trying to make peace with invaders. The enemy leader steps forward, draws their blade, and cuts the emperor’s hair themselves.

Hellen cuts her hair off and throws it in Cathy’s face at her son’s soccer scrimmage. 

May 12 2017

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May 11 2017

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“im trying my best!!” i say as if my best didnt pack up and leave me in 2012 without any warning

May 10 2017

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This photoset is called “No.”

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