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King of Scars has a cover and I think Imprint outdid themselves. Illustrator is @billelis (check out his work, it will make you want to take up necromancy and adorn yourself in jewels—if you haven’t already). Designer is the amazing Ellen Duda. All of the little details will make sense in time…

More on the cover and links to preorder. (King of Scars releases on 1/29/19.)

Some of you have been asking if it’s necessary to read the Shadow and Bone trilogy to understand Nikolai Lantsov’s story. I’m not sure how to answer that. I’m currently revising King of Scars and trying to make it as accessible as possible for newcomers, but there’s a lot of backstory and mythology in the original trilogy… It’s a tough call.

As for the Six of Crows duology, one of the main characters from SoC is a POV character in King of Scars. @fiercereadsya will reveal who it is at the first ever Grishaverse meet up at Yallwest this weekend.

Hope you guys love the cover! Now I return to the revisions cave.

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