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Made new posters for the Harry Potter series, with a little twist ;) In case you scrolled too fast and missed the instructions, you have to drag or click each poster!

I decided to have a bit more fun and tried to reimagine the book covers with the same trick. After a bit of research, I found out that there is a thing called “photochromic” ink that can change or reveal colors if exposed to UV or sunlight. The colors will revert to original once you remove the light source.

Applying the same concept to the book covers, I thought maybe the white parts can be printed with light reactive inks, so once you go outside and expose the books to the sun, the hidden messages will be revealed. And when you go back inside, the secret images will immediately change back to white. I intentionally designed the covers to look independent even without the invisible elements so people won’t realize the hidden messages until the surprising reveal ;)

I published the whole project with detailed descriptions over here. Then if you want the individual rebloggable posts, I compiled them here.


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