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October 16 2017

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my only four moods

October 14 2017

October 13 2017

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October 12 2017

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October 11 2017





could i pay someone to take over my body who actually knows how to look after it so they can like. make me healthy again and then let me take over once i’m fit n healthy

You mean a personal trainer and a nutritionist

no i mean some sort of supernatural being who can do literally all of the work for me

So like the ghost of a personal trainer and nutritionist

October 07 2017




I feel like everyone worships avocado and I’m struggling because it just tastes like compressed wet grass lump but nobody will listen and I’m all alone in this world

Don’t mock my squishy hulk nuts

this is the worst thing that could’ve happened to this post

October 03 2017






who just sent me money “for being perfect”

turns out boys r useful 4 sumthin

^ yup.

Reblog to let your followers know it’s okay to send you $40 for “being perfect”

I’ll also accept $20 for “being pretty okay”

September 30 2017

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Rupert Grint constantly wearing Harry Potter related shirts is the best thing ever

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September 21 2017

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September 18 2017

Reblog if it’s ok for people to give you $599.99





Please don’t hesitate

1 penny below reporting limit for the IRS… I see what you did there

(Don’t give me $599.99)

That’s not the right IRS rule.

$599.99 is the amount below which a business does not need to issue a 1099 to a contractor who provides business services. The contractor still needs to report the income on their taxes.

The correct number for the IRS rule for money that is gifted rather than received in a business transaction is $13999.99–more than that, and the recipient has to pay tax on the gift and report it to the IRS. Less than that, and there’s no taxation or reporting requirement.

If we’re choosing amounts on the basis of IRS limits, give these people $13,999.99. 

Go. Do it.

Reblog if it’s ok for people to give you $13,999.99

September 17 2017

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September 15 2017

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Winter has come

September 14 2017

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Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack, AKA the cutest and best horse

September 12 2017

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I don’t want to date. I just want to magically end up in a long-term and emotionally-secure relationship with someone cute

September 11 2017




are you a “sleeping and taking naps all the time” mentally ill person or a “i toss and turn all night and stare at the ceiling” person

Ha ha jokes on you I’m both

depression nap in the streets, up all night pondering corporeal existence in the sheets.

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Adventure is still out there

September 10 2017

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couple of Bojack scribbles cuz I just finished Season 4 in one night and wow i’m a mess

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