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October 29 2017

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October 28 2017

signs that don't fuckin Do anything


Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

October 25 2017

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October 24 2017

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tag yourself as a chicken (im all of them tbh)

Despite @drkara‘s assertions that I do not sleep I am undoubtedly Foosball. 

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it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 

October 23 2017

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Honestly me.

October 22 2017

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44. Pour Me Another

October 21 2017


Me as soon as I’m feeling any type of depression creeping upon myself: I need to buy…something..

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October 20 2017

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October 19 2017


Why the fuck would you go big when u can go home

October 18 2017

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i finally finished tower of dawn and i really liked it so here’s nes and sar

mild tod spoiler under the cut

Keep reading

October 16 2017

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my only four moods

October 14 2017

October 13 2017

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October 12 2017

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October 11 2017





could i pay someone to take over my body who actually knows how to look after it so they can like. make me healthy again and then let me take over once i’m fit n healthy

You mean a personal trainer and a nutritionist

no i mean some sort of supernatural being who can do literally all of the work for me

So like the ghost of a personal trainer and nutritionist

October 07 2017




I feel like everyone worships avocado and I’m struggling because it just tastes like compressed wet grass lump but nobody will listen and I’m all alone in this world

Don’t mock my squishy hulk nuts

this is the worst thing that could’ve happened to this post

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